Durable Medical Equipment (DME)


Our pharmacy offers an extensive variety of medical equipment and supplies.

Our medical equipment may include, but is not limited to:

  • Equipment to assist walking such as canes and walkers

  • Bathroom equipment such as benches

  • Orthopedic supplies such as back support belts and compression stockings

  • Nebulizer

  • It is generally recommended to wash your diabetic socks in warm water without bleach and tumble dry on warm as you would with your delicate on the clothing items. Do not attempt to wash and dry the socks in high heat thinking that you can kill the bacteria easier this way, the heat will cause the fibers such as wool and spandex to lose their elasticity and ruin your socks. If you want to make the most out of your socks, hand wash and air dry the socks.

If you are in need of any medical equipment or supplies or just have a question, ask a staff member today. Our staff will make it as easy as possible to get the equipment you need, including the billing. We will bill Medicare and most insurance companies.